Building a Relationship with a Good Printer

Building a relationship with everyone who helps your business run is the best way to find success.  A relationship with your print shop is especially valuable as they have technical knowledge that you may not.  Remember that printing is customized manufacturing and in the end, you can really “have it your way”. Printers may suggest a better solution to make your print more successful and effective, but the final decision will always be yours. A printer is a master architect, you bring in the plans and together you discuss the effects you are looking for, your requirements, and your expectations. A Printer will listen and understand your goal for a particular project. They should ask a lot of questions to find out details about the jobs spec’s, which will be used to configure the job for the most appropriate press, to price the job, to determine the best material to use to print on and to aid the job planner as they create a production schedule. The more they know about your business, the more targeted advice they can provide. It can also mean more efficient printing. 

Once artwork and graphics have been created your print shop will have them on file with easy access to implement any changes. By developing a relationship they will learn and understand your needs, and be able to tailor recommendations to your taste to create the best marketing options and tactics available. If something does not look right they will tell you!

Working with an established Printer will help you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating the professionalism of your company.  A relationship will also help you target your potential clients more effectively. Your print shop might have ideas and samples about how similar businesses are using printed media to reach clients. A print shop with great in-house designers will work with you to help you create eye-catching projects.

At Print Calgary, it is our priority to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We can help you navigate the market with the best printing techniques. We will also work with you to help match your price point to quality.  Call us to start building YOUR relationship today.

Earl Fernandes

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