How Does Digital Printing Enhance the Buyer's Journey?

It is vital to the success of your business to consider how your customers and potential
customers interact with your brand from the first contact to after a transaction is completed. The
buyer’s journey, or conversion funnel, is the steps consumers take toward making a purchasing
decision and the marketing strategies that target them at each specific stage.
As a business owner, it is your job to curate a seamless experience for your buyers. A variety of
strategies and tactics can be utilized throughout the journey to make the purchasing process
easy and efficient. It is important not to dedicate your whole budget and attention to just one
step, strategy or tactic. Give your customers a variety of ways to interact with your brand.
As the world digitized, the importance of printed collateral has been underestimated but it is still
a very critical part of the buyer’s journey. According to the “Personalization and Digital Printing:
Retail Marketers’ Secret Weapon” study from NAPCO Research and commissioned by the
Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), 80% of retailers use digital printing for direct
marketing. The study also shows that 62% and 79% are also using digital printing for promotion
products, packaging, and signage. So, digital printing is in fact very much a part of the entire
journey from acquisition to delivery.
Retailers saw the benefits saw many benefits including response rates. Almost half (49%) of the
business surveyed in the study said the main benefit was higher customer engagement gained
from digitally printed communications. Digital printing also was shown to provide better
marketing and branding.

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Digital Print Strategies for The Buyer’s Journey
There are four different steps in the buyer’s journey, and each can be enhanced by digital
printing. Here we will look at each step of the buyer’s journey and how digital printing can attract
customers and impact their buying decisions.

Step 1: Awareness
Consumers are becoming aware that they have a problem they are looking to solve during this
stage. During this stage, marketing should be focused on raising brand awareness and targeting
customers who you can help.
Here is where you could use a direct mail campaign targeted to specific areas and act as
educational content focusing on specific seasonal issues your potential clients might be facing.
You can establish trust with your brand by creating content that is focused on a particular buyer
persona as this stage. The ability to customize your message through digital printing will allow
you to tailor your message easily.
Just remember that awareness is not about selling. This is a time to establish your company as
an authority in your field. This is the time to build trust with your customer base.

Step 2: Consideration
Once a consumer identifies a problem they need to be solved, they will begin to research a
variety of solution and businesses that can help them solve their problem efficiently. This is a
great time to distribute customized promotional products that show how your goods and
services can solve that consumer’s problem. This will keep your brand at the top of the
consumer’s mind as they consider their options.
For example, if a business distributes customized promotional products like a calendar, they can
also include important facts and rates that might inform a customer on their journey.

Step 3: The Decision
Once the consumer starts to narrow their prospects, this is the time to produce a digitally printed
piece that entices and wow. This is a great time to establish a direct mail marketing campaign
with exclusive offers that helps sets you apart from your competitors and will help your convert
By using high-quality digital printing for your packaging and signage to create a personalized
experience will help drive customer engagement.

Step 4: Retention
Once a consumer is converted to a customer, that does not mean your buyer’s journey is over.

After a buyer is converted, it is an opportune time to turn a one-time customer to a brand
loyalist. You can do this by creating direct mail campaigns that address their specific needs and
provide exclusive deals just for them.
You can better target your retention campaign with digital printing analytics provided by Print
Calgary that gives you access to customer tracking and profiling.

Printing Solution For The Buyer’s Journey
Now that you understand how important digital printing is to your buyer’s journey, it is time to put
your plan into action. The experts at Print Calgary are here to help you set up digital print
campaigns for every step of the journey from awareness to retention.
Contact us at (403) 235-1616 to learn more.

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