Top Print Essentials for a New Business

Simple Print Essentials to start you off and get you on the right track, which will lead you in the direction of a successful business .Business start up can be overwhelming, so much to do, so little time and trying to stay within a budget.

Logo It’s not just about picking something that looks pretty or is cheap. Choose a design that represents your brand, who you are and what you provide. The shape of your logo will affect the attitudes of the customer about the brand.  Circular or Angular? On a mental level we are not even aware of, our subconscious preceives Circles as softness and sensitivity, it has no corners and no sharp edges and Angular (square) logos will create the notions of hardness or durability. It is important to create your logo according to your product or service and how you want your brand to be perceived. The shape might help subconsciously influence your service and how much people are will to pay for it.  

Business cardsThere are some who say business cards are a thing of the past. I have to disagree. They create a first impression that is a lasting reminder of you and your business.  They are one of the most important tools for any networking event. A business card is your calling card. Create an impacting card that will help people connect with who you are and what your business is. Choose an interesting paper stock. Use striking colours that reflect your logo or image. Make sure your name, telephone number stand out and add your email and website. Don’t forget to utilize the otherwise wasted space on the back of the card.

Door HangersDoor hangers are a low cost-effective marketing tool which can create immediate results when targeting specific consumers with a response rate of 1% – 5%. Door hangers do not get mixed in and lost in a pile of mail. Instead they have to be physically removed from a door which provides an extra second or two of individualized attention of the potential customer.  Rather than the typical rectangle shape consider round edges or cut in a shape that represents the company or add a tear off business card or coupon to make them more unique or appealing to the eye. Use a sturdy 12pt or 16pt cardstock as this will withstand the elements and give it a professional look. Bright and full colour printing will enhance the design. Since this kind of marketing is targeting specific consumers, it is important that you identify their problem and offer a solution. Remember “Less is more”.  You have a matter of seconds to catch your customer’s attention.

Signs- The possibilities are endless when it comes to signs. It is an essential component of a business’s overall marketing strategy. For businesses that have limited marketing funds, signs can be a cost-effective form of 24/7 advertising. The right sign can make a favorable first impression, while also serving as a type of silent salesperson.  An attractive sign placed in a prominent location draws attention to your business and lets passersby know that you exist and your the whereabouts of your location. The constant exposure can implant your business in a potential customers mind increasing the chances that they will come to you when they need what you offer.  A sign that tells about a special sale may entice people to stop in on impulse and make a purchase. Your sign should reflect your company’s style, provide enough information for customers to know what you offer, and be recognizable from a distance. The sign must produce instant impact to bring in new business and bring back repeat business. Use bold contrasting colours that are trendy and pleasing to the eye, but keep it simple with limited content and graphic. Messages and information heads on the sign should be precise and crisp, stating only the key factors you want to convey.

Letterhead/Envelopes- In today’s world of emails and digital marketing you may think that the use of letterhead and envelopes is outdated. But sending a letter to a customer or a business still make a personal impression that you care and they are very important or special enough to more than just and email.. Business letterheads are important for companies that use letterheads for sale, coupons and special offers to motivate customers to buy their product. Envelopes and used to send invoices, statements of accounts, cheques and sending out letters. The letterhead/envelope should represent your company and what you stand for and give you a brand of professionalism

Flyers- Flyer distribution is one of the oldests methods of advertising and marketing. Even in todays digital age, flyer distribution is very effective. In fact using flyers to send to homeowners is still amongst the best method of marketing. Advertising using flyers is an affordable, cost effect way of delivering goods or services to your own potential clients. It can help create awareness regarding your business which in turn betters the chances of people opting for your products or services.  When distributed in the right target audience replies can be instant as flyers unlike emails give a personal old fashion touch. Your flyer should contain the right amount of information about your business and the best offers which the consumer is likely to be interested in.  Highlight special offers or discounts in a way to catch the customers attention. Choose light coloured papers, add vibrant colours and catchy fonts, but make sure it is readable.  The flyer should be appealing enough that a person handed a flyer would be eager to read it, instead of throwing it away. Material and information should also be large enough that it can be read from a distance. Using the right pictures or images can be very striking and have a greater impact. Finally make sure to include all the possible contact details of your company.

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